The benefits of LVP Flooring

Understanding the Benefits of LVP Flooring!

Here at Dad’s Flooring, we live up to the timely phrase, “A job worth doing is a job worth doing right”! That saying has a lot to do with craftsmanship but also relies heavily on the quality materials that you choose. Choosing the right flooring is about as important as any decision you will make in the construction or renovation of the interior of your home. This article is meant to suggest LVP Flooring as a consideration and share the benefits of this amazing material.

There is a reason Dad’s Flooring is quickly becoming the LVP Flooring installer and distributor trusted in and around Berea, KY. That reason is a commitment to selling only the best retail and wholesale LVP Flooring options available. We hope that you will connect with us for all of your needs.

What is Luxury Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is an attractive, extremely durable, water-resistant flooring option that mimics the look of natural hardwood floors. It has increasingly become among the most popular choices for home and business owners as well as flooring installation professionals.

LVP flooring is composed of multiple layers including a wear layer, decorative layer, and core. The wear layer is a clear film that protects the LVP flooring from scratches, stains, and fading. The decorative layer contains the design or pattern of the LVP flooring and is what gives it its realistic wood look. The core is made of either limestone or wood pulp and provides LVP flooring with strength and stability.

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The main advantages of LVP Flooring

There are many advantages that LVP Flooring has over more expensive materials. Going with hardwood or tile can be pricey upfront and those materials tend to be more fragile. So, if there are kids, pets, or other scenarios where high traffic may be part of the environment, many homeowners and commercial property owners look for more durable and inexpensive alternatives.

Sometimes laminate or Rigid Core flooring are viable options, but LVP Flooring is growing in popularity, which is why we at Dad’s Flooring have sought to secure a great inventory of retail and wholesale LVP flooring options.

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Here are some of the primary reasons more people are selecting luxury plank flooring over other materials.

LVP flooring looks great

Let’s start with the finished product first. Luxury vinyl plank flooring looks great! LVP Flooring is made to realistically mimic the look of other materials like wood or stone. LVP Flooring comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to fit any room’s design. Why spend more when you can get material like this and, most of the time, your friends and neighbors won’t even know the difference!

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is reasonably priced

The initial investment for LVP flooring is lower than other high-end materials like hardwood or tile. As home, living, and material costs rise, it only makes sense to seek ways to save money while not sacrificing quality. There are few places in the home where this is even a possibility, but thankfully with LVP flooring that is exactly the benefit being achieved. This goes for LVP installation companies and the DIY flooring community.

LVP flooring is extremely durable

The durability of LVP flooring is one of the main reasons it has surged in popularity. LVP flooring can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Layers of LVP flooring protect the material from scratches, scuffs, fading, and staining better than other materials like hardwood or laminate. Some of the reasons luxury plank vinyl is so durable are because of the composition of the product as well as how LVP flooring is installed. The multi-layer nature of the product contributes to its protection. Also, a huge factor is that the core is made of either limestone or wood pulp and provides LVP flooring with strength and stability.

LVP flooring is waterproof

This is another attribute that has made LVP flooring so popular in recent years. LVP Flooring is 100% waterproof. This means it can be installed in any room of the house without fear of water damage. The feature makes luxury plank flooring an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

The waterproof nature of LVP flooring is thanks to the wear layer and the decorative layer being fused together during manufacturing. This makes it impossible for water to seep through and damage the LVP flooring.

Luxury vinyl plank is relatively easy to install

When LVP flooring first came onto the scene, it was hailed for its easy installation process. LVP flooring can be a great do-it-yourself project. The material is designed to “float” over subfloors without the need for adhesives or nails. In many cases, this may also translate into a lower flooring installation cost. We could all use the best price possible, right? Like any project, there is still work involved. You should carefully consider whether you wish to tackle the project yourself or get a professional LVP flooring installer near Berea, KY to handle it.

Dad’s Flooring is the most trusted LVP flooring installation company Berea has to offer. We service state-wide with retail and wholesale LVP flooring distribution and an LVP floor installer.

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To DIY or not? Tips from an LVP flooring installer

Okay, so if you are looking to install an LVP floor, here’s what you should know. LVP flooring is a great material for the do-it-yourselfer. LVP flooring is very forgiving but still takes skill. If you make a mistake, it is usually an easy fix. LVP flooring can be cut with a utility knife and does not require special tools or skills to install. When working on a DIY LVP installation remember:
  • use a sharp utility knife
  • make sure your cuts are straight
  • LVP flooring can be cut in either direction
  • LVP is a “floating” floor so there is no need for nails or adhesive
  • It can be installed over any existing hard surface, but make sure the subfloor is level
  • LVP transitions well to other types of flooring like tile, laminate, and hardwood, but choose your colors wisely

There are few things more satisfying then getting a project completed with your own 2 hands.
As a retail and wholesale LVP flooring company, the trained staff at Dad’s Flooring is here to help you make the right decisions and give great advice. Have a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Just because LVP flooring is relatively DIY friendly doesn’t mean that tackling the project is right for everyone.

Consider these reasons to hire an LVP flooring installation company.

Hiring a Flooring Installation Company for Luxury Vinyl Plank

Here are some reasons that you would want to consider hiring an LVP flooring installation company.

  • You want it done right – The first time. LVP flooring installation is not difficult but it does require some skill and knowledge to do properly. Unless you are confident in your abilities, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

  • You don’t have the time – LVP flooring installation is not a quick process. It will take several hours, if not days, to complete depending on the size of the project. If you don’t have the time to devote to the project, it is best to hire someone who does.

  • You want a warranty – The manufacturer’s warranty is always in place, but when you hire an LVP flooring installation company, you are usually given a warranty on both the materials AND the labor.

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When it comes to LVP flooring, Dad’s Flooring is the LVP Flooring company Kentucky can trust. We are here to assist at any point of your LVP flooring project.

If you have questions about the luxury vinyl plank product, call us. If you are considering purchasing material or looking for wholesale LVP flooring, we have a great inventory of the highest quality materials at competitive pricing.

As a trusted flooring installation company, we can see your project to the very end, ensuring an amazing outcome! Let’s face it, just like the roof over your head is extremely important, so is the ground upon which your feet are planted.

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